Boiler Room Gallery

The Boiler Room Gallery

Is an alternative exhibition space in the former boiler room of the YMCA building, now Edison Avenue Art Lofts in Granite City IL.  It is managed in partnership between the property owners Rise Community Development and Alfresco Productions 501c3 arts organization of Granite City, IL.  The Boiler Room Gallery is dedicated to showcasing sculpture and artworks that speak to our industrial heritage and expand upon our ideas of the community. Alfresco Productions through its program Six Mile SculptureWorks host 3 to 4 exhibitions annually.  At least one exhibition a year will feature artists from the Six Mile SculptureWorks Artist In Residence Program hosted within the Edison Avenue Arts Lofts.

Six Mile SculptureWorks – Artist in Residence Program

Is an artist residency program that offers artists the opportunity to live and work within the Arts and Entertainment core district of Granite City IL.  The mission of the Six Mile SculptureWorks program of Alfresco Productions is to show Granite City as “A Place where Art and Industry Meet”.  Resident artists have an apartment in the Edison Avenue Art Lofts, an onsite studio, and access to an off-site fabrication shop.  Artists in residence have the opportunity to develop and work on independent creative research as well as various community projects during their time in the program.

Both the Boiler Room Gallery and the Six Mile SculptureWorks Artist in Residence program accept proposals on a rolling basis.  Inquiries and Information requests should be sent to